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Take a Look at the AudioQuest CAT700 Audio Cable

Suncoast Audio in Sarasota Florida offers AudioQuest CAT700 audio cable. What is this AudioQuest product and why is it important to have for the best audio reproduction?

audioquest cat700 carbon

For audio cable to work correctly, it must be designed to resist cross-circuit interference and distortion. CAT700 cable from AudioQuest does this by having:

  • Solid 5% silver conductors that reduce jitter and interference. They are very useful for high-frequency applications such as HDMI where the signal in effect travels along the outside of the conductors. Coating copper with high-purity silver accomplishes this at a much lower cost than full silver conductors.
  • Both individual pairs and the cable itself are shielded
  • It has a CMG (CL3 and FT4) rated PVC jacket
  • Hard-cell foam insulation is injected with nitrogen to minimize energy absorption and to provide a stiffness that provides conductor stability along the cable’s length to reduce distortion.

Our AudioQuest CAT700 bulk spool is available in:

  • Forest in green with white stripes, white with green stripes, or blue with white stripes
  • Pearl in light grey with yellow stripes, white with yellow stripes, or blue with yellow stripes
  • Carbon in dark grey with black stripes

For more product or pricing information on our AudioQuest CAT700 audio cable please call Suncoast Audio at 941-932-0282 or email