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Finite Elemente

Who is Finite Elemente? Founded in Germany, the company was launched in 1996. For over 25 years, Finite Element has devoted tireless efforts to creating beautifully crafted high-end equipment racks and accessories aiming to fight vibrations through their unique takes on isolation technology. Finite Elemente always puts science and passion for music at the forefront of their designs. Be it working with the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund in the adaptation of the Resonator technology for their Pagode rack systems or collaborating with the Fraunhofer Institute in Darmstadt on the subject of “active vibration reduction”, there is always a desire for a proven and well-founded basis for why Finite products stand apart from the crowd when it comes to reference audiophile equipment.

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Heavy Duty Upgrade

HD600ED HD-Upgraded Cerapuc 5-point shelf support
HD750ED HD-Upgraded Cerapuc 5-point shelf support 
HD1120ED HD-Upgraded Cerapuc 5-point shelf support 

Carbofibre Rack Shelf CF600OPT
CF600HDOPT-Factory upgrade to Carbofibre shelf
CF750OPT-Factory upgrade to Carbofibre shelf
CF750HDOPT-Factory upgrade to Carbofibre shelf

Carbofibre Rack Shelf Retrofit

CF600-Retrofit existing shelf to Carbofibre
CF600HD-Retrofit existing shelf to Carbofibre
CF750-Retrofit existing shelf to Carbofibre
CF750HD-Retrofit existing shelf to Carbofibre

High Polish Side Pillars

45-4P New 2022-17.7” High Polish Side Pillars - Set of 4
70-4P New 2022