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Check Out The Kuzma Stabi R Turntable

Seeking a top quality turntable? You can listen to your records on a heavy-duty and high-quality Kuzma Stabi R Turntable when you check out Suncoast Audio. To learn more about this outstanding turntable, keep reading.

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The Kuzma Stabi R is a belt-driven turntable. The turntable is designed with solid brass rods, an aluminum platter, and a brass outboard pod. The Kuzma Stabi R is made from the highest quality materials, producing the best sound possible. These top-quality materials also allow for incredible lifespan. You can use your Kuzma Stabi R for decades.

This turntable has a sleek industrial design. The matte brass finishes give the Kuzma Stabi R an edgy design, while the walnut frame provides a timeless look. If the appearance of your turntable is as important to you as its sound quality, you can get the best of both worlds with the Kuzma Stabi R.

The Kuzma Stabi R is a smaller version of the Kuzma Stabi M turntable. The Stabi R bares a strong resemblance to its older sibling, with similar drive electronics built into the chassis and the same platter, type of power supply, belt, and hi-torque DC motor. While the Stabi M is more suitable for large spaces, the Stabi R is perfect for recreational use in your home. Just make sure your turntable stand is strong because the Stabi R weighs 29 pounds.

The Kuzma Stabi R turntable is a worthwhile investment. The Stabi R allows you to listen to all of your favorite records with clear and crisp sound quality. You can also have peace of mind in your investment knowing the Stabi R is designed to last for years. If you want to check out the Kuzma Stabi R for yourself, make sure to visit Suncoast Audio. You can browse our inventory online or you can visit our store at 7353 International Place, Unit 309, in Sarasota, Florida.