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Lumin D2 Reviewed

Suncoast Audio is pleased to offer the Lumin D2 Network Music Player. The D2 and other Lumin models are designed by Pixel Music Systems in Hong Kong. Not only is the D2 a network player it is also a music streamer and DAC in one package. It is offered in black anodized or raw brushed aluminum.

lumin d2 network music player

One feature that sets Lumin apart from other manufacturers is the ability of their products to receive software and firmware upgrades in the future without additional purchases. The D2 is no exception as it can receive all updates including field-programmable gate array updates for free. Updates have already included Tidal, Roon, and MQA support. This feature alone endears their customer base.

But the sound quality is also there to love, and the D2 continues the excellence that many customers found with the D1. Many reviewers have mentioned that Lumin’s network players offer “non-digital” sound reproduction. The D2 offers that same quality of sound. Some of the enhancements found in the D2 include:

  • A faster processor to accommodate DSD128 5.6MHz files
  • The switch-mode power supply is now internal
  • The circuit board layout has been improved for better audio quality
  • Supports playback for DSD lossless, Apple lossless, FLAC, WAV, AAC, and MP3

When first connected the software will transfer digital files from other storage devices at the rate of about 250 albums per minute. Future transfers will be much quicker. There are both Android and iOS apps for controlling the unit. There are also options for accessing Spotify, Internet Radio, AirPlay, Qobuz, Tidal, and standard UPnP browsing.

For more information about the Lumin D2 or any of our audiophile-quality electronics or accessories please call Suncoast Audio at 941-932-0282 or