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Magico Introduces the New M9

Magico has set a new benchmark in speaker design and execution with their floor-standing M9 speaker. This beast is a four-way six-driver system using the world’s first enclosure that uses inner and outer skins of carbon fiber combined with an aluminum honeycomb core. The M9 also contains an analog outboard active crossover called the MXO.

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The M9’s amazing sound is aided by the latest generation of Nano-Tec speaker cones that also feature aluminum honeycomb structures. The use of aluminum honeycomb reduces weight while improving structural stiffness. One of the hardest design elements in speakers is creating a cabinet that transfers sound to the room without resonating and storing the energy of the sound in the enclosure. The M9 has been designed using finite element analysis to maximize sound reproduction with optimum damping. This is also helped by aerospace composite dampening material, our baffle board of 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum, and front-to-back tensioning rods.

The result is a pure sound that reproduces the recording space with minimal diffraction and resonance. But there is more. The M9 also contains the world’s first 28mm beryllium dome tweeter with vapor-deposited diamond for stiffness. The result is improved performance from the lightweight beryllium cone with little weight penalty from the deposited diamond. Also, the Nano-Tec cones now use a graphene/carbon fiber matrix over honeycomb that results in a cone so strong it won’t be deformed if run over by a car. 

All this technology is built into the Magico M9 floor-standing speakers. You can take advantage of Magico’s research and design excellence by ordering a set from Suncoast Audio in Sarasota FL. For more information on Magico speakers or any of our audiophile products please call 941-932-0282 or