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A Glance at the Focal Clear Headphones

Suncoast Audio features the Clear headphones from Focal. These headphones are an open-back design with a leather headband and memory foam ear cups encased in a microfiber cover. The metal mesh design shows an obvious quality of construction. The headphones come with three copper cables covered in woven fabric:

Focal Clear Headphones Sarasota FL
  • A longer cable with a 4-pin XLR jack
  • A longer cable with a 6.35 mm jack
  • A shorter cable with a 3.5 mm jack for mobile devices

Inside the ear cups is an M-shaped driver made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy and a proprietary voice coil designed specifically for the Clear. Using the aluminum-magnesium driver provides excellent audio reproductions and helps to keep the cost lower than the beryllium driver used in their more expensive Utopia and Stellia lines. There is also a stylish silver fabric carrying case that matches the Clear headphones.

The Focal Clear headphones offer a full-range audio experience at all volumes up to ear-shattering. They were designed to provide an openness of sound rather than feeling restricted as with some headphones. You will feel you are in a perfect listening environment with high-end speakers placed in front of you. With the comfortable fit and lightweight design of the Focal Clear headphones, you can enjoy listening for hours without ear or head fatigue. 

If you are looking for unparalleled sound quality at an excellent price point, check out the Focal Clear headphones from Suncoast Audio. For more information call 941-932-0282 or