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Named in honor of the Japanese artist Honami Koetsu, the company was started by Yoshiaki Sugano. A boxer, artist, sword maker, and automotive executive, Sugano-san was a true renaissance man. His love of western classical music led him on a journey to improve the musicality of common phono cartridges. Through his experimentation, he pioneered the use of high purity materials such as 6N copper and rare platinum iron magnets.

For more than thirty years, Koetsu has masterfully blended the highest purity technical materials with ones of natural beauty to create the most sought-after cartridges in the world. Sugano-San's legacy is carried on by his son Fumihiko who apprenticed under his father to become a master cartridge maker. Every Koetsu cartridge is hand-made in Japan and inherently limited in nature.

Technical Information Tracking Force
Recommended tracking force for all Koetsu cartridges is 1.8g – 2g. Loading
Recommended loading for all Koetsu cartridges is 75 – 500 Ohms.

Mono Option
All Koetsu cartridges can be configured for Mono playblack with a specially cut mono stylus and rotated generator

Diamond Stylus Upgrade
Any Koetsu Platinum cartridge cantilever can be upgraded from the standard boron to diamond.