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Tobian Sound Systems MA 100 Mono Power Amplifiers

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It all started with a passion for music, since my boyhood I attended concerts whenever possible and this still fills me with joy to this day. The fascination with tube amplifiers was not long in coming - it caught me very early on at the age of 17 when I started my first tube amplifier project.... a single power triode using the legendary Western Electric 300B which could still be purchased officially at that time.

The parallel single ended transformer coupled MA100 combines the best of both worlds I wanted to bring together: the power of two 300B's - to create a state-of-the-art triode parallel single ended reference mono power amplifier combined with the magic of a reference 300B single ended amplifier.

With our MA100 mono power amplifiers, three legendary power triodes are freely available for selection according to your taste as well as needs. If a little more is needed, the Legendary WE300B is also available upon request.

The output and Interstage Monoblock 300B Parallel Amplifier is a uniquely different amplifier — it is our highest and most extreme expression of single-ended amplification, exclusive for the true connoisseur audiophile. The output and interstage transformer design style is in-house made by TSS Switzerland for our TSS top of the line MA50, MA100, and MA200 amplifiers use.

Very importantly, rather than an additional tube driver stage and the output transformer, our interstage transformer additionally offers a further highlight, namely the galvanic separation of two stages, which represents an immense sound improvement, for ultimate musicality and authority, providing a level of realism and detail that you may not have experienced.

Our amplifiers have an ultra-sturdy up to 20mm CNC-crafted aluminum chassis anodized with solid copper inlays for optimal grounding. Also, the resonance improvements with such an enclosure are audible in the first bars of music.


Amplifier type: Monoblock Power Amplifier Parallel Single-Ended Triode

Output tube options: 2 x2A3 triode (2x300B triode - Optional on request)

Power output: 2A3: 12 Watts at 4/8/16 ohms/300B: 20 watts at 4/8/16 ohms

Driver tube: 2 x 46 tube triode connected

Rectifier tube: 1 x 5u4g

Power Supply: Paper in oil capacitors

Output & interstage transforms: Custom Swiss made

Wiring: Completely hand wired (point to point)

Dimensions: 320mm wide x 380mm high x 600mm deep

Weight: 47 kilos per monoblack

Country of manufacture: Handmade in Stansstad Switzerland