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Tobian Sound Systems MA 200 Mono Power Amplifier - the Ultimate SET

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The legendary 300B is in perfection with our MA200 driven by the famous DHT 46 Triode connected. The output and Interstage Monoblock MA200 Parallel-Amplifier is a uniquely different amplifier — it is our highest and most extreme expression of single-ended amplification, exclusive for the true connoisseur audiophile. The output and interstage transformer design style is in-house made by TSS Switzerland for our TSS top-of-the-line MA200 amplifiers. Very importantly, rather than an additional tube driver stage, the output transformer also our interstage transformer additionally offer a further highlight, namely the galvanic separation of two stages, which represents an immense sound improvement., for ultimate musicality and authority, providing a level of realism and detail that you may not have experienced.

The MA200 is a so-called dual-circuit power amplifier with 6 mains transformers. Each section has its power supply with a total of 6 power supply transformers. All of this is housed in an MA200 enclosure with just a single 25-ampere power connection and 1 x on/off.

For each monoblock:

1 x filament power transformer / driver 46 triode

1 x high voltage power transformer/driver 46 triode

1 x filament power transformer 300b power triode

1 high voltage power transformer 300b power triode

2 x power Transformer and 2 x rectifier tube

Further, 6 filter choke coils are installed 3 per section for absolutely safe operation.4 x interstage transformers and 1 output transformer all with a large 300% oversized E-core which is reflected in breathtaking sound characteristics, we are quite sure that our MA200 is unique. Traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology – the best of both worlds. The MA200 is a full transformer coupled and all-DHT Triode power Amplifier with a sound characteristic that you probably can't imagine if you have not yet heard the MA200. The 300b driven by a 46 triode connected the Royal road in amplifier construction.



Amplifier type: Monoblack Power Amplifier Parallel Single-Ended Triode

Output tube options: 2 x 300B triode

Power output: 11 watts at 4/8/16 ohms

Driver tube: 2 x 46 tube triode connected

Rectifier tube: 2 x 274B

Interstage transformers: Custom Swiss-made

Power Supply: Paper in oil capacitors

Output Transformer: Custom Swiss-made

Wiring: Completely hand wired (point to point) with 99.99% pure silver

Dimensions: 360mm wide x 440mm high x 700 mm deep

Weight: 84 kilos per monoblock

Country of manufacture: Handmade in Stansstad Switzerland