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The Magico S3 Mk2 Loudspeakers

Magico’s S3 Mk2 loudspeakers follow the S1 and S5 lines to be updated to the Mk2 line. The updates don’t involve the external look of the speakers as much as the important internals including:

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  • A 1” MDD7 dome tweeter
  • A 6” M390G XG graphene mid-range
  • A pair of new 9” M905G graphene bass drivers
  • Revised top and bottom areas of the sealed box
  • More substantial bracing using bolts extending to internal braces
  • A separate enclosure for the mid-range with a new German-made damping material
  • A foam/vinyl adhesive coating the interior of the shell
  • A reconfigured crossover that raises the speaker’s impedance

The Magico S3 Mk2 is available in six colors featuring one of two finishes — a high-gloss M-Coat or a textured anodized M-Cast option. The M-Coat speakers are shipped in custom wooden crates to prevent any damage to the finish. Two people or more are recommended to carefully unpack these 170-pound speakers.

 As with all Magico loudspeakers, the S3 Mk2s are delivered with complete instructions on how to place them in the room. The first placement is about 20 inches from the rear wall, and then they should be moved in about six-inch increments until the bass response is optimum. Equally detailed instructions are added for spacing from sidewalls and the correct toe-in for the best sound. Once they are positioned, the speakers should be leveled using the leveling spikes that are added to the base of the enclosure.

Suncoast Audio offers the new and improved Magico S3 Mk2 speakers along with other great Magico products and our full line of audiophile-quality components and accessories. For more information please call us at 941-932-0282 or email