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Luxman Introduces the D-03X Digital Music Player

Luxman continues a tradition of engineering excellence with its latest digital music player they call the D-03X. Their design works hard to reduce outside interference such as resonance, vibration, and magnetic interference with features including:

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  • Luxman’s unique CD transport system including a massive aluminum base mount and steel top plate resulting in a very rigid structure
  • An asymmetric placement with the CD structure on the left side to reduce vibration even further
  • An oversized transformer with separate filter capacitors for each circuit
  • A composite chassis to shield the circuitry from magnetic fields and digital noise
  • The player uses 18mm gold-plated RCA plugs to accommodate the larger plugs of high-performance cables

The electronic features of the D-03X are extensive and include:

  • Independent left and right monaural-mode digital-to-analog converters using Texas Instruments PCM1975s
  • A precise clock module to minimize phase noise around the oscillation frequency
  • Very low distortion at 0.0009% (USB input)
  • A signal-to-noise ratio of 123 dB
  • The ability to handle a wide range of digital audio via USB or the free Luxman software for Mac or Windows
  • The ability to decode WAV, FLAC, AIFF, MP3, ALAC, DSF, or DSDIFF files
  • In addition to conventional fixed bitrate transfers, the USB input can support two modes of Bulk Pet® high-resolution audio file transfers 

 Suncoast Audio in Sarasota, Florida offers a wide range of Luxman audio components as well as a wide range of other equipment to suit the most discriminating audiophile. For more information on the Luxman D-03X digital music player or any other products please call 941-932-0282 or