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Tobian Sound Systems SC1 Preamplifier

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The SC1…is a completely DHT pre-amplifier

Our new SC1 is a real five-star full transformer coupled Reference preamplifier. The SC1 is completely hand-wired (point to point) and all components were newly developed especially for the SC1. The SC1 is completely transformer-coupled and built point-to-point for you personally by hand.

The indispensable prerequisite for the finest audio quality is an optimal power supply. That is why we have the power supply devoted the utmost attention to the SC1 we use in our SC1 a powerful power supply with paper in oil capacitors of up to 5000V dielectric strength, which are the anchor points of every amplifier coming from our production.

We use only in-house developed and produced power transformers for each voltage supply. This guarantees an optimal, 100% safe, and reliable voltage and current supply. Schematics of each unit are designed in such a way that each supply circuit has its network transformer.

Our new AT-8000 line output transformer is bifilar-wired based on a super permalloy core of a huge core size up to 300% oversized with an inductivity from over 380 henrys - unique in the audiophile world. This extremely low-distortion and ultra-musical line-out output transformer is the ideal partner for our new SC1 and has helped us bring to life this exceptional preamplifier.

All of these technical solutions are the base for achieving the very high performance of our SC1 preamplifier. This results in extreme tonal improvement which can be heard in the first tones of a piece of music and thus be a guarantee for a completely new musical experience.



Output Tubes: 4 x DHT 10 triode

Tube Variants: VT62/801A/VT25

Inputs: 4 x line RCA/XLR

Outputs: 2 x line RCA/XLR

Output Transformer: P-8000 hand made Line output transformer (output impedance 100 ohms)

Wiring: Completely hand wired (point to point) 99.99% pure silver

Power supply: M12-paper oil power supply

Potentiometer: 8000-H auto former volume Control 34-step

Rectification: Tube Rectifier 274B

Weight: Preamplifier - 48kg

Power Supply - 54kg

Dimensions: 480mm Wide x 540mm High x 280mm Deep

Country of manufacture: Handmade in Stansstad Switzerland