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Taiko Audio DAIZA Isolation Platform

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The Daiza is an acoustically optimized vibration damping and control platform, made from CNC machined German Panzerholz. The results are a lower acoustic noise floor and enhanced harmonic depth of the sound presentation. It works very well under both analog and digital high end components, for example:

Turntables, Phonostage, Preamplifier, Power amplifier, Isolation transformers and power conditioners


Every digital component with high frequency oscillators benefits from sitting on top of a Daiza, for example:


DACS, Music Servers, LAN switch and DSL modems


How Daiza differs from other anti-vibration offerings? Our research has shown, that vibration induced distortion in your components is one of the major factors for sound deterioration. Among the many materials that we investigated, we consider Panzerholz as ideal to deal with those issues. It is extremely dense and heavy and has very good energy dispertion and transmitting properties. Plus, you can machine it on a heavy duty CNC workbench.

Daiza is designed to act as a sink for those vibrations that are happening inside your components, therefore deliberately not acting as a classic isolation device. For Daiza to work properly, a good mechanical coupling is mandatory. We strongly advice against any isolation footers or conical spikes between the Daiza and your component. On request, we supply suited couplers that matches your component. The resulting improvements in sound will be apparent in more clarity, more transparency, less blurr and smear, faster transients and more articulate bass.

If you want to experience the full effect, you can maximize the vibration sink properties by stacking two Daizas on top of each other (labeled the „Double Daiza“). Please be aware that Panzerholz is based on a natural resource and is therefore subject to optical changes from batch to batch. We cannot guarantee that multiple Daizas ordered have the same appearance. Those variations however have no effect on the sound whatsoever.