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Stein Music Super Naturals

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Super Naturals Signature

The next level Super Naturals Signature concept, resonance-optimized without compromise. Even more complex, carefully adapted new materials provide the ultimate in performance. Diameter 30mm, height 22mm. Set of 3.

Super Naturals Plus

The Super Naturals concept updated. Two zebrano wood audio feet combined with an olive wood foot and a refined interior finish create an even more open and natural sound. Diameter 30mm, height 22mm. Set of 3.

Super Naturals + 30mm

Available with thread M5, M6, M8 or 3/8 "-16 or without thread, diameter 30mm, height 30mm, set of 3.

Super Naturals, audio component feet

These feet are made of American walnut wood, acoustically optimized with ceramic elements and vacuum-soaked felt pads. The manufacturing process involves more than 80 steps. They combine fast resonance transfer with a rich and colorful sound. Diameter 30mm, height 22mm. Set of 3.