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Soulution 727 Preamplifier

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Soulution’s 727 Preamplifier, a new reference preamplifier, sets new benchmarks for noise, phase errors, common mode rejection, and distortion. 
What a difference noise makes!

Input stage
The 727 preamplifier's unique input stage allows for exceptional common mode rejection while minimizing noise, thanks to parallelized instrumentation amplifiers with a wide bandwidth (20MHz), low noise (noise density < -160dBV/√Hz), and excellent common mode rejection (CMMR >105dB). This guarantees the proper reception of even the faintest musical signals.

Volume control for each channel with 80 step (1 dB) precision. Includes balance adjustment and secondary volume control path to prevent clicks and pops. Uses high-precision metal foil resistors for superior sound quality.

Enhanced for low noise and superior rejection, the preamplifier caters to MC cartridges with small, high-quality signals. Its gain and termination impedance are adjustable for precise compatibility with your pickup system, while rapid amplifier stages guarantee accurate RIAA curve reproduction.

Output stage
The 20 MHz frequency bandwidth reproduces music with realistic detail and minimal phase shift, creating a three-dimensional sound experience with natural timbres. The output stage has low resistance and high peak currents for driving long cables easily.

Distributed Local Power Supply:
The 727 preamplifier uses an efficient SMPS to convert mains voltage into an intermediate DC voltage for superior performance and low noise. Local linear regulators are employed to reduce noise and shorten signal paths, eliminating the need for large filter capacitors typically used in linear power supplies.

Mains 220 – 240V (50 – 60 Hz)100 – 120V (50 – 60 Hz)
Power consumption < 1W standby60W device in operation
Inputs 3 × balanced (XLR)2 × unbalanced (RCA)1 × Phono (optional)
Input impedance 4.4MΩ balanced (XLR)4.4MΩ unbalanced(RCA)10 – 1000Ω or 47kΩ phono (adjustable)
Input voltage max. 9Vpp
Outputs 2 × balanced (XLR)1 × unbalanced (RCA)
Output impedance 0.8Ω balanced (XLR)0.4Ω unbalanced (RCA)
Output voltage max 14Vpp balanced (XLR)7Vpp unbalanced (RCA)
Output current max. 0.5A limited by protection circuit
Frequency response (– 3 dB) DC - 20MHz
Phaseshift (@20kHz) < 0.2°
Signal-to-noise ratio (20Hz – 20kHz @1Vrms) >120dB
Noise density (input related) < -160dBV/sqrt(Hz)
THD+N <-120dB
Common mode rejection ratio >105dB
Channel separation >130dB
Gain +4dB balanced (XLR)-2dB unbalanced (RCA)+44dB to +84dB (phono)
Volume control range 0 to – 79 dB in 1 dB steps
Dimensions 480mm x 450mm x 167mm
Weight 28kg