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Shunyata Research GEMINI Model-4

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The GEMINI Model-4 packs two devices into one chassis, a high performance power conditioner and an advanced noise reduction hub. Featuring NIC™ noise isolation chamber technology, it provides a common grounding point and extends the GEMINI’s noise reduction capabilities for all system components, decreasing line-noise and potential ground loops. Ideal for simpler hi-fi systems, headphone setups and network closets, the GEMINI Model-4 grants a substantial performance boost to audio/video systems. Compact yet high-powered, it has the capacity to support 200+ watt amplifiers.


Input Current Ratings:
Maximum Continuous Current: 20A (US)
Maximum Continuous Current: 16A (AS)
Maximum Continuous Current: 16A (EU)
Output Current Ratings:
Max Current/Outlet: 15A (US & AS)
Max Current/Socket: 16A (EU) Maximum Transient Protection:
40,000 A @ 8/50 μs Over-Current Protection:
Hydraulic Electromagnetic Breaker Wiring System:
Dual 12-gauge ArNi® VTX™ Buss System
Ratings: 600 V 105° C Connectors & Outlets:
Inlet: IEC C15
US Outlets: 4 NEMA5-20R
AS Outlets: 4 NEMA 5-20R Isolation Zones
2 zones Vibration Control:
Vibration dampening panels (internal)
Shunyata Vibration Dampening Footers
Aluminum and steel chassis
Anodized, aluminum faceplate
Width: 12.25 inches (31.12 cm)
Depth: 5.88 inches (14.95 cm)
Height: 4.77 inches (12.12 cm)
Weight: 6.6 lbs. (2.0 kg)