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PASS Labs INT-60 Integrated Amplifier

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PASS Labs INT-60 Integrated Amplifier

The INT-60 Integrated Amplifier sets a revolutionary standard in bridging the gap between integrated amplifiers and separate components, integrating advanced technologies and real-world testing. Offering 60 incomparable watts per channel into 8 ohms, the INT-60's high-bias operation doesn't transition to class A until 30 watts, reducing distortion and delivering greater loudspeaker control for a more luxurious sonic fidelity.

Class - AB
Type - Stereo
Gain (dB) - 29/35
Volume control (1dB steps) - 63dB
Remote - Yes
Inputs - 4
Outputs - 2
Power Output /ch (8 ohms) - 60 Watts
Power Consumption (W) - 375
Standby Power Consumption (W) - <1
Dimensions (W x H x D) - 19 x 7.6 x 21.2
Weight (LBS) - 93




As you might expect, Pass Labs’ beautifully built integrated is rated at 60 wpc, but the fun part is that the first 30 are in pure Class A. This isn’t one of those wimpy little integrated amps from the past—it weighs almost 100 pounds, and you’ll be hard-pressed to come up with a reason to buy separates instead of this. You won’t find compromises here—this is one of the best integrated amplifiers in every conceivable way.”
PartTimeAudio Summer Guide: Best amps – 2022

So what does the INT-60 sound like? I’m sure this is too simplistic, but it sounds like music.

“Distilling it all down, it’s an amplifier that makes me happy because it gets me more involved and closer to the musical experience.”
Part-Time Audiophile

“The INT-60’s dominant trait was to suck me in and glue me to my seat as it continued to reproduce music with so much low-key flavor, natural color, and more-ishness that I could never play just one record and go to bed early.”

“Writers’ Choice Award 2015”
Positive Feedback

“I strongly recommend that you check out this remarkable audio achievement.”
Positive Feedback

“Technical progress and music fun”
Music Emotion

Constitutes the heart of the integrated amplifier
Report magazine

Writers’ Choice Award, 2015
Positive Feedback

“if you want to hear beautiful music produced by an integrated amplifier that is built to last a life time and is one handsome-looking beast without constantly messing with your system, the Pass Labs INT-60 integrated amplifier is for you.”

“The INT-60, indeed, is one of the best sounding integrated preamp/amplifiers I have ever reviewed. It is tough to better the INT-60 with separates in this price range. Even if you spend a bit more, you probably will not top it. Incredible detail, width and depth in the expansive stereo image, plus quick bass response.” John Gatski
Everything Audio Network

Everything Audio Network – Stellar Sound Award

Writers Choice Awards 2017

Review from Poland:

Polish review with lots of pictures


Pass Labs INT 60 (English subtitles) Francisco del Pozo
Pass Labs INT 60 Review

Color Instrument Grey, Black