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MBL Audio Radialstrahler 126 - 126RC Loudspeaker

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The mbl 126 is the smallest omnidirectional speaker ever developed by MBL. Although being an entry-level model it is based on the energy-preserving construction basis of the large models. Two radial drivers are used for the midrange and upper-frequency range. Therefore it carries all the genes needed to bring music to life in a tangibly true, three-dimensional rendition. Speaker stands and a special Center speaker version of the mbl 126 that harmonizes both visually and technically provide the perfect setting. Center Speaker mbl 126 RC: A special center speaker version of the mbl 126 is also available.


System- 3-way, bass reflex system
Acoustic center- 107 cm, 42''
Base system- 2 x 150 mm, 5'' Aluminium, push-push layout, 11-liter cabinet volume
Midrange- Radial MT50, woven carbon fiber
Tweeter- Radial HT37, unidirectional carbon fiber
Crossover frequencies- 650 Hz, 3 500 Hz
Lowest frequencies- 70 Hz
Nominal impdanz- 4 Ohm
Weight (single speaker)-15 kg / 33 lbs (w/o stand), 24 kg / 53 lbs (with stand)