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Magico S5 2024

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The powerful Magico S5 2024 loudspeaker builds upon the success of the S3, delivering even greater performance in a larger, yet still elegant, package. Drawing upon knowledge and processes from the revered M Series, the S5's development incorporated cutting-edge advancements and utilized a Polytec Laser Vibrometer to precisely measure and address any cabinet panel vibrations from the beginning. The result - a beautifully designed cabinet that adds no coloration to the rich, immersive sound of the S5.

Sculpted enclosure and innovative driver technology. A key change from the previous Magico cones is the aluminum-honeycomb core sandwiched by graphene-reinforced carbon-fiber skins. The Nano-Tec v.8 cones revolutionary core structure-possible only with recentley developed manufacturing techniques-allows lower thickness,lighter weight, and more effective damping. The result has pushed distortion lower than before. The new generation chassis improves both mechanical and acoustical parameters, with improved force distribution. The new Magico S5 chasis is the ideal combination of stiffness an damping.

Driver Complement:
Tweeter: 1.1" (28mm) MB5FP Pure Diamond Coated Beryllium Diamond Coated diaphragm
Midrange: 6" Mk2
Woofer: 10" MAG10508 RTC bass driver (2)
Impedance:4 OhmsFrequency Response:
20 Hz - 50 kHz
Recommended Power:
50 watts - 1000 Watts
47.72"H x 19.28"D x 19.1"W
Weight: 262 lbs.