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Kharma Enigma Veyron Audio Rack

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To complete the superior audio set, called the Enigma Veyron Collection, a new design for an audio rack has been made. This special designed audio rack matches both the sonic performance as the aesthetics characteristics of the individual components, bringing the entire Enigma Veyron Collection to a higher level.

A novelty of the Enigma Veyron Audio Rack is that each individual level is located on Diamonds. Through experiments and experience we noticed that the smaller the actual contact surface becomes, the better the three-dimensional staging and layering of the music representation becomes. Therefore the Enigma Veyron Audio Rack consists out of modular levels, which can be stacked upon each other with a maximum of three levels in total. This restriction is required to limit the weight of the Diamond stands incorporated within the Enigma Veyron Audio Rack. The bottom level of the rack has a slightly different dimension because of the integration of the floor protectors. The four centimetres thick aluminium plates are the fundamental elements of the audio rack and are finished with Macassar wood and Gold trimming.



The combination of Carborundum balls and a flat Diamond creates the smallest possible contact area, but at the same time is able to support the incredible high force put on the small contact area by the mass of the four centimetres thick aluminium parts of the rack and its content. As a result all equipment placed in the audio rack is decoupled from the ground or other levels. Creating the best performance possible out of your audio equipment.



The Enigma Veyron Audio Rack is made out of four centimetres thick aluminium plates and all the aluminium parts are brushed and anodized in black. The pillars are finished with Macassar and Gold parts, to match the entire Enigma Veyron Collection. Just like the loudspeakers of the Enigma Veyron Collection, also the color and trimming of the Enigma Veyron Audio Rack can be matched with your desires.