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Topology Diaphragm is the name used to describe the technology first developed for our In-Ear Monitors. The name comes from how the technology works: it is made by applying nano-scale particles to the diaphragm in layers of assorted shapes and patterns, thereby allowing for a high level of optimization that has a noticeably positive effect on the diaphragm’s audio characteristics. The inspiration for the topological diaphragm originated from Dr. Fang’s Ph.D. research, which illustrated that "different nanomaterials have different structures.” Subsequently, the characteristics are not the same. The result was a range of dynamic IEM drivers, but the HE-R9 is a new product with the technology of a comparatively large-scale driver.
Elegance Outside, Strength Inside The exterior of the headband is covered by high-standard leather, giving it a soft and elegant appearance. The inside is high-grade memory foam, selected to achieve the most comfortable fit and elasticity. The headband skeleton itself is made of solid steel. The structure is both lightweight and strong, robust yet delicate, and designed to convey unmatched detail and musicality in the market.
Large Ear Cups for Superior Acoustics The large internal space of the HE-R9’s cup affords substantial spatial volume and the necessary breathing room for the powerful driver to sound its best. The crimson red ear cups offer exceptional tuning, with outstanding sound quality that combines the best attributes of closed- and open-back headphones.
Tranquility Pads The HE-R9’s “Tranquility” ear pads feature high-quality leather on the outside, which uses a ring-shaped inner surface to absorb sound and prevent sound leakage through the sides of the ear pad. This forces the sound to target the listener’s ear. The contact edge is constructed of highly permeable material to ensure optimal head comfort. The outcome of this advanced engineering? A transparent, coherent, and wide soundstage with maximum comfort.
Cable Connections The socket accommodates both dual-sided 3.5mm TRS and single-sided 3.5mm TRRS connections.* (Left socket.) The Bluemini* dongle easily connects to the left socket for Bluetooth connectivity. The single-sided 3.5mm TRRS cable is not included with the HE-R9. Bluemini dongle is available with the wireless version of the HE-R9 or can be purchased separately. Always confirm compatibility before attempting to use aftermarket cables. Please refer to the following illustration of the stock cable included with the HE-R9.
Package Details HE-R9 headphone Dual-side 3.5mm plug headphone cable (1.5m) x 1 6.35mm Adapter x 1 Ear pads (installed on the headset) x 1 pair

Frequency Response: 15Hz-35kHz
Impedance: 60Ω
Sensitivity: 100dB
Weight: 328g