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Esoteric N-05XD-Network DAC / Preamplifier

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Reproducing the full sound quality of the original masters.
The N-05XD represents a new frontier in network DAC/preamps.


As Esoteric’s first-ever network DAC/preamp, the N-05XD was specifically designed to deliver superior sound quality from the smallest system configurations combining your favorite power amplifier, speakers, and headphones. Integrating fully balanced circuitry directly derived from Esoteric’s flagship series, the N-05XD’s network engine is equipped with a pure, dedicated linear power supply and an in-house designed discrete DAC that ensures that its preamplifier and headphone amplifier are capable of clearly reproducing the full sound of a recording’s original master.

Seamless integration of the most Esoteric-like essences, the N-05XD has been thoroughly refined under the guiding principles of ultimate sound quality. Just a touch of its volume knob clearly reveals this quality in its most exquisite form and promises the fullest and most satisfying enjoyment of Esoteric’s pure signature sound. No longer must superior sound quality be sacrificed in the pursuit of a simplified high-end audio system.

Preamplifier functions


The ESOTERIC-QVCS attenuator system achieves operability and sound quality

The ESOTERIC-QVCS attenuator system establishes L/R and positive/negative independence refined by ESOTERIC's successive preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers while expressing the passion for music regardless of volume level.

The ESOTERIC-HCLD buffer circuit delivers every single allurement of music

Employing the ESOTERIC-HCLD circuit as an output buffer circuit that pursues the current transmission capacity and speed, crucial for analog output circuits. These high-speed elements with 2,000V/μs of response speed in through rate achieve the dynamism of music with breathtaking reality.


Balanced Headphone outputs


A 4-pin XLR connector for balanced headphones

Accommodating an L/R independent and fully balanced headphone amplifier with an exclusive ESOTERIC-HCLD buffer circuit that firmly grips high-end headphones with 600Ω impedance.


External Clock sync function

Allowing the N-05XD to synchronize with high precision 10MHz Master Clock.

Large capacity power supply units build the ESOTERIC sound

Accommodating dedicated toroidal-core power transformers including 4-inch diameter one employed on the N-01XD for Network section and DAC/Audio section. And, an extra power supply for the Control/Display sections consolidates independence from audio processing.

Robust and flexible chassis construction that manages vibrations

Semi-floating top panel

Slits processed on the bottom chassis

ESOTERIC pin-point feet

Complimentary network audio app with look-and-feel user interface, the ESOTERIC Sound Stream (for iOS/Android)


Built-in Bluetooth® receiver

  • Digital inputs: XLR × 1, RCA × 2, Optical × 2, USB audio, ETHERNET, USB port for flash drive × 2, Bluetooth®
  • Analog inputs: XLR × 1 pair, RCA × 1 pair
  • Analog outputs: XLR/ES-LINK Analog × 1 pair, ES-LINK Analog pre-out × 1 pair, RCA × 1 pair
  • Clock input: BNC × 1 (10MHz)
  • Overall dimensions: 445 × 131 × 377mm (W×H×D, including protruding)