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Esoteric N-05XD-Network DAC / Preamplifier

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Preamplifier functions


The ESOTERIC-QVCS attenuator system achieves operability and sound quality

The ESOTERIC-QVCS attenuator system establishes L/R and positive/negative independence refined by ESOTERIC's successive preamplifiers and integrated amplifiers while expressing the passion for music regardless of volume level.

The ESOTERIC-HCLD buffer circuit delivers every single allurement of music

Employing the ESOTERIC-HCLD circuit as an output buffer circuit that pursues the current transmission capacity and speed, crucial for analog output circuits. These high-speed elements with 2,000V/μs of response speed in through rate achieve the dynamism of music with breathtaking reality.


Balanced Headphone outputs


A 4-pin XLR connector for balanced headphones

Accommodating an L/R independent and fully balanced headphone amplifier with an exclusive ESOTERIC-HCLD buffer circuit that firmly grips high-end headphones with 600Ω impedance.


External Clock sync function

Allowing the N-05XD to synchronize with high precision 10MHz Master Clock.

Large capacity power supply units build the ESOTERIC sound

Accommodating dedicated toroidal-core power transformers including 4-inch diameter one employed on the N-01XD for Network section and DAC/Audio section. And, an extra power supply for Control/Display sections consolidates independence from audio processing.

Robust and flexible chassis construction that manages vibrations

Semi-floating top panel

Slits processed on the bottom chassis

ESOTERIC pin-point feet

Complimentary network audio app with look-and-feel user interface, the ESOTERIC Sound Stream (for iOS/Android)


Built-in Bluetooth® receiver






  • Digital inputs: XLR × 1, RCA × 2, Optical × 2, USB audio, ETHERNET, USB port for flash drive × 2, Bluetooth®
  • Analog inputs: XLR × 1 pair, RCA × 1 pair
  • Analog outputs: XLR/ES-LINK Analog × 1 pair, ES-LINK Analog pre-out × 1 pair, RCA × 1 pair
  • Clock input: BNC × 1 (10MHz)
  • Overall dimensions: 445 × 131 × 377mm (W×H×D, including protruding)