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Esoteric 7N-DA3100 MEXCEL

Audio Cable A standard type

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The 7N-DA3100 is a coaxial cable (RCA, BNC). Both models have a φ0.8 mm solid core MEXCEL (single core) center conductor that supports tight, powerful sound quality in these offshoots of the flagship models. (A thick silver-coated copper-braided shield is employed to increase S/N.)


Spec description

Center conductor

HOT- 7N Cu MEXCEL solid core / φ0.8mm × 1

COLD- 7N Cu MEXCEL solid core / φ0.8mm × 1

External conductor (shield)- Silver-coated copper braid

Copper-clad mylar tape

External diameter- 9.5mm

Resistance- <36.4mΩ/m

Impedance- <110