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Audioquest Root Beet Active Optical 18 Long Distance HDMI Cable

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This Audioquest cable provides outstanding audio/video performance at long distances, eliminating degradation and noise with no AC adaptor required. Direction-controlled eARC and communication conductors minimize RF-Noise for superior audio/video performance. Enjoy Ultra-HD 4K/60 or 8K/30 video with AQ value-added ingredients for a stronger audio/video experience.


Like the well-proven Cherry Cola 18, Root Beer 18 is an active optical cable that provides outstanding audio/video performance at distances up to 100ft (30m). Optical Fiber eliminates multiple forms of degradation over a distance; powered by the HDMI port, no AC adaptor is required. Further, Optical Fibers provide total RF immunity and galvanic isolation for the audio/video signal—essential advantages in the fight against radio-frequency noise. As with Toslink and other optical cables, optical fibers do not pick up or transmit induced RF-Noise.

Additionally, Root Beer's eARC and communication conductors are Direction-Controlled to minimize RF Noise that hurts the performance of active circuits.

AudioQuest High-Speed HDMI cables can video Ultra-HD 4K/60 or 8K/30. Multiple AQ value-added ingredients enable a surprisingly stronger audio/video experience.

AudioQuest 18Gbps, High-Speed HDMI cables, have the bandwidth required for video up to 8K/30 (8-bit, 4:2:0), which is 7680 x 4320 resolution (over 33 million pixels) at up to 30 frames-per-second (fps). 24 and 30 fps are the frame rates for almost all movies and many TV shows.
18Gbps Bandwidth
18Gbps Bandwidth
All AudioQuest 18Gbps High-Speed HDMI cables are guaranteed to have the 18Gbps bandwidth required for compelling features like 8K/30 video, HDR (High Dynamic Range) imagery, and eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel).
Level 4 Noise-Dissipation (HDMI): Galvanic Isolation + Direction-Controlled
Traditional “100% shielding” is not enough to guard against the increasingly prevalent effects of Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite radiation. In AudioQuest HDMI cables, all 19 conductors are Direction-Controlled to minimize the RF Noise that damages performance by “directing” or draining it away from the most vulnerable circuits. Level 4 Noise-Dissipation features fibers, which are non-conductive and therefore immune to induced RF noise, while the eARC and control conductors are made of direction-controlled metals. Additional Noise-Dissipation techniques (Levels 4+ and up) are applied as budget permits to reduce noise further.

Quartz Glass
Optical Fiber AV conductors eliminate multiple forms of degradation over distance. Powered by the HDMI port, no AC adaptor is required.
HDMI hardware’s previous ARC capabilities max out at lossy (compressed) 5.1-channel surround sound. Not only do all generations of AudioQuest HDMI cables “with Ethernet” support ARC, but to ensure superior audio performance, the ARC-channel conductor-pair is internally controlled for direction, running in the opposite direction from the 4 pairs that carry information to the TV. New HDMI 2.1 hardware supports Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC), which increases bandwidth dramatically to support uncompressed and lossless high-resolution multichannel audio, including Dolby TrueHD and Atmos, and DTS-HD Master Audio and DTS: X.
AudioQuest 18Gbps, High-Speed HDMI cables, supports High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Dynamic HDR. HDR content expands the image's contrast for blacker blacks, brighter whites/highlights, and more excellent color saturation and brightness. Dynamic HDR (HDR 10+ and Dolby Vision, for example) enables frame-by-frame HDR optimization rather than fixed HDR settings for the entire program.

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