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Boulder 2160 Stereo Power Amplifier

Great products don’t just appear out of nowhere, they evolve, built on the foundations of things that came before them. The Boulder 2160 Stereo Amplifier replaces and surpasses in every way the venerable 2060, a brilliant amplifier that earned dozens of awards world-wide. All of the electronics have been updated with leading-edge technology while the look has evolved with style that is both subtle and elegant. The 2160 remains uniquely Boulder. That is, it looks, feels, and sounds better than anything you’ve ever heard.

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Bias operation is Class-A to full rated output power and managed with an analog circuit that minimizes heat and power consumption Boulder's most powerful, continually produced stereo amplifier: 600W per channel Surface-mount circuit board design minimizes connection resistance and lead inductance Non-resonant chassis carved from solid blocks of aluminum on Boulder's own CNC machining centers Four fully-discrete 99H2 gain stages, potted and housed in machined shells for thermal stability and shielding Two massive transformers are filtered, potted, and enclosed in a welded steel case Power cycling, turn on sequencing, and status messages sent to Boulder preamplifier displays via the Boulder Link communication system 12V trigger connection for remote turn-on and use with most surround sound processors and external control systems Supervising microprocessor circuitry controls and monitors protection systems, and the turn-on and turn-off of any linked amplifiers Dual stage design incorporates the majority of gain in the first stage to maximize bandwidth and minimize distortion Two pairs of speaker connections per channel to accommodate bi-wired loudspeakers Fully-balanced design from the inputs to the outputs substantially reduces distortion and noise



Peak Power, 8 Ohms- 600W

Peak Power, 4 Ohms- 1200W

Peak Power, 2 Ohms- 2400W

THD, 8 Ohms, 600W- 20-2 kHz: 0.0008%, 20 kHz: 0.0040%

THD, 4 Ohms, 600W- 20-2 kHz: 0.0012%, 20 kHz: 0.0065%

THD, 2 Ohms, 600W- 20-2 kHz: 0.0018%, 20 kHz: 0.0100%

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN), 20 KHz BW- 1.5 μV

Magnitude Response, 20 to 20 KHz- +0.00, -0.04 dB

Magnitude Response, -3 dB at- 0.015 Hz, 200 kHz

Voltage Gain- 26 dB

Input Impedance- Balanced: 200kΩ
Unbalanced: 100kΩ

Common Mode Rejection (Balanced only)- 60 Hz: 90 dB,

10 kHz: 70 dB

Inputs- 3-pin balanced XLR

Output Connectors- 2 sets of 6 mm/.250-inch wingscrews

Weight- Amplifier: 220 lbs. (99.8 kg)

Shipping: 319 lbs. (144.7 kg)

Power Requirements- 100,110-120, 220, 240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

250W nominal, 5000W at maximum output

Amplifier Topology- Pure Class A to full-rated output