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Boulder 1161 Stereo Power Amplifier

At last, there is a solution for listeners with smaller living spaces or more efficient systems. Those who want a truly high-performance amplifier in a more manageable package. There are systems and locations where larger amps simply don’t fit or more powerful options are unnecessary and the 1161 Stereo Power Amplifier was developed as a compact, less powerful alternative that gives up nothing in terms of performance. The dynamics, the control, the delicacy, the resolution–everything is still there. There are no sonic drawbacks. The 1161 has the same operational feature set as its larger brother, the 1160, and yet it’s packaged in a chassis the that’s same width and depth as the 1110 Preamplifier. So you see, it is possible to have everything, even with less.

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200W peak power per channel into 8 ohms, 350W peak power into 4 ohms, 450W peak power into 2 ohms Space saving design is the same footprint (width and depth) as the 1110 Preamplifier and lower power output allows the use of a standard power cord Smaller carton packaging means easier transportation, unpacking, and installation Truly balanced input connections and output stage as with other 1100 Series products Newly developed protection circuitry safely and immediately shuts down the output section in case of shorted speaker cables or faults in the system and allows for greater peak power output Superior signal handling and resolution achieved using Boulder's own 985 gain stage, just as in the larger 1160 Stereo Amplifier Revised and redesigned automatic biasing circuit accurately stabilizes bias to eliminate the need for manual calibration Complete smart-home and integration compatibility with 12V trigger, IP control, and networked HTML page Software updates to the internal control and housekeeping systems available as needed with automated online downloads or manual USB port installation



Continuous Power; 8, 4, 2 Ohms- 150W

Peak Power, 8 Ohms- 200W

Peak Power, 4 Ohms- 350W

Peak Power, 2 Ohms- 450W

THD, 8 Ohms, 150W- 0.003%, 20 kHz: 0.01%

THD, 4 Ohms, 150W- 0.004%, 20 kHz: 0.015%

THD, 2 Ohms, 150W- 0.005%, 20 kHz: 0.025%

Equivalent Input Noise (EIN), 20 KHz, BW- 1.5 μV

Magnitude Response, 20 Hz to 20 KHz- +0.00, -0.04 dB

Magnitude Response, -3 dB at- 0.015 Hz, 150 kHz

Voltage Gain- 26 dB

Input Impedance- Balanced: 200k ohms,
Unbalanced: 100k ohms

Common Mode Rejection (Balanced Only)- 60 Hz: 90 dB, 10 kHz: 70 dB

Crosstalk, L to R or R to L- -100 dB or better, 20 Hz to
20 kHz

Input Connectors- 3-pin balanced XLR

Output Connectors- Two sets of 6 mm / .250-inch wingscrews

Weight- Amplifier: 54 lbs. (24.5 kg)
Shipping: 64 lbs. (29.0 kg)

Power Requirements- 100, 110-120, 220-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Power Consumption- 15W standby, 100W nominal, 1000W at maximum output