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Aurender UT100 USB to Optical Converter

Aurender, in an effort to increase the flexibility of our entry-level models N100H and X100L, developed the UT100, a precision asynchronous USB Audio 2.0 to SPDIF (OPTICAL) converter. This accessory to our most affordable models is designed for customers who need to interface and adapt these Aurender models with only a USB output to products with a Toslink (optical) input.

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Premium USB-to-Optical (Toslink) converter
UT100 is a high-quality USB to Optical (Toslink) conversion interface. Connect a USB cable from your Aurender's USB Audio output, and UT00 will convert the signal to Optical/Toslink output.

The maximum input/output signal type is 24-bit/192kHz. UT00 is compatible with Aurender models N150, N200, ACS10, ACS100, A200, A15, A20 and A30. It is for use with Aurender only and not compatible with other USB devices.
Dimension- 55 x 45 x 25 mm / 2.16 x 1.77 x 0.98 in
Weight- 100g / 0.22lbs
Input- High-Speed USB 2.0 / USB Audio Class 2.0
Supported Word Lengths- up to 24-bit
Supported Sampling Rates- up to 192 kHz
Supported DSD- DSD64 supported with DoP
Power- USB VBUS 5V/150mA