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Aurender AP20

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We know...there are a lot of integrated amp solutions out there. But none of them incorporates an Aurender digital frontend with the hallmark caching playback engine and the elegant user experience that Aurender owners know and love. We have something truly special here: Aurender's typically outstanding level of craftsmanship and an absolute refusal to compromise in the DAC, preamp, and amp section. The specs are impressive, sure, but wait until you hear what AP20 can do with your favorite speakers. Class, elegance, and sound quality come together to make the perfect whole, offering a luxurious listening experience that transports you to a richer world of sound. With its superior craftsmanship, the AP20 seamlessly blends the best of digital and analog to deliver uncompromising sound quality.

Key Features:

  • Purifi 1ET400A Eigentakt dual-mono power amp modules pushing 200 WPC into 8Ω, 350 into 4Ω
  • Fully linear PSU block with exceptionally high-end discrete toroidal transformers (6 of them)
  • R2R stepped-attenuator analog volume control
  • Dual-Mono AKM4497 DAC boards
  • Precision OCXO rev 2 internal clock
  • Analog inputs with pure analog pass-through (hello, rosy tube phono stage 😍)
  • Analog output (for subwoofer? secondary/distributed audio system?)
  • Digital inputs (coax & optical)
  • 2x User-Installable drive bays for SSD/HDD storage
  • 10 MHz Master Clock input



Color Silver, Black