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AudioQuest Mistral AC Plug C-19

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Hanging-Silver Plating
Red & Beryllium Coppers
• Superior Metals
• Superior Plating
• Superior Contact Pressure
• Non-Metallic ABS Barrels

Mistral AC plugs are designed to terminate our bulk-only Mistral AC cable, as well as custom lengths of Mistral’s Wind Series siblings (Monsoon, Blizzard, and Silver Cloud). Mistral AC plugs will also work extremely well on any AC cable with an outer diameter of 14mm (0.55”) to 20mm (0.79”). These new plugs use the same exceptional base metals found in our sophisticated Storm Series models—High-Purity Red Copper and extremely durable Beryllium Copper, the latter specifically for the parts of the connector that require either maximum spring or tensile strength. However, we’ve implemented one meaningful change: the C13 component end is now smaller and sleeker. This subtle difference allows the more affordable Winds to be used with electronics, powered speakers, and subwoofers that have recessed AC inputs, which are typically incompatible with standard assembly-type connectors.

As in all of our most sophisticated plugs, the High-Purity base metals are treated to our Hanging-Silver Plating process in which male contacts of the wall plug are submerged in a vat of pure silver, forgoing the typical intermediary layers of metal alloy, thereby creating a sonically superior part.

In addition, we’ve acknowledged that ungrounded metallic connector housings act as antennae for radio-frequency noise, which is capacitively coupled to the cable and subsequently distorts or masks valuable low-level audio signals. Therefore, unlike typical AC plugs whose housings are manufactured, plated, or painted with metallic materials, Mistral Plugs feature attractive, non-metallic ABS housings.

The end result is exceptional build quality, broader compatibility, and, of course, superior sonic performance.