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AUDEZE Reference Series LCD-XC

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The LCD-XC shares the same drivers and basic construction as the LCD-X, lending it a similar level of detail and transparency. Its closed-back design adds both isolation and a slight lift in bass response between 120-200Hz, making electric bass even more defined. If you want to hear Marcus Miller playing bass right next to you, the LCD-XC is your headphone.

• The Premium LCD-XC comes with both Balanced and Single-ended cables, the 1/4" to 1/8" stereo adapter, and our premium travel case.
• The Creator Pack comes with the Standard Single-ended cable and our new economy travel case.

  • Extra-large 106mm planar drivers tuned for accuracy, built for precision
  • The closed-back design blocks out external noise and prevents microphone bleed in recordings
  • Highly efficient, easy to drive from any interface, console, or device
  • Includes our braided OCC copper 4-pin XLR combo cable with single-ended 1/4" adapter and standard LCD travel case

LCD-XC leverages patented Audeze technologies, including Ultra-Thin Uniforce™ diaphragms, Fazor waveguides, and powerful neodymium magnets to deliver extremely accurate and detailed sound. The sophisticated planar magnetic drivers achieve high efficiency with low impedance, such that LCD-XC can deliver great sound from nearly any device with a headphone output. Together, these innovations enable audio professionals to efficiently get their mix done right in a variety of settings.

Audeze has improved the LCD-XC over the years, lowering the weight and increasing comfort. It features a suspension headband for even weight distribution and highly cushioned premium earpads for support. The neutral tuning and low distortion prevent listening fatigue, so those late-night sessions never have to end. 



Style- Over-ear, closed-back

Transducer type- Planar Magnetic 

Magnetic structure- Proprietary magnet array

Phase management- Fazor

Magnet type- Neodymium N50

Diaphragm type- Ultra-Thin Uniforce

Transducer size- 106mm 

Maximum SPL- >130dB

Frequency response- 10Hz-50kHz

THD- <0.1% @ 100 dB SPL

Sensitivity- 100 dB/1mW (at Drum Reference Point)

Impedance- 20 ohms

Max power handling- 5W RMS

Min recommended power- >100mW

Recommended power level- >250mW

Cable- 1.9m (6.2ft) length, Single-ended 1/4" (6.3mm) termination

Wire material- 20 AWG high-purity OCC audio-grade copper

Weight- 677g

Material Leather, Leather, Leather Free, Leather Free
Package Creators Package, Premium Package, Creators Package, Premium Package