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Shunyata Research Omega QR-s

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Shunyata Research’s Caelin Gabriel was given a challenge.  Create a design platform that would finally answer the question, “What level of performance is achievable from power cord technology?”.  Remove any constraints regarding construction time and difficulty and ignore cost limitations to produce the ultimate power cord.

The Omega QR was the result of that research project that spanned more than 3 years, involving hundreds of tests, designs, and construction solutions.  Then, many requested a smaller brother that was smaller, lighter in weight, and more flexible and designed for source components.  And the Omega QR-s is born.

The Omega represents an ultimate power cord design template by which all other power products must be judged in terms of verifiable science and performance.

The Omega is the barometer of what is possible when an entirety of one great company’s intellectual, science, and parts technologies are combined into one iconic design.

The Omega QR-s is a legitimate power conditioner in a cable.  The patented QR/BB™ technology that drives Shunyata Research’s reference power conditioners is now available in a flexible cable that can be plugged directly into the wall socket or a power condition.  No intermediate chassis or boxes needed or the requisite extra power cable; fewer connections, more floor and rack space freed up.  The QR/BB™ technology improves dynamics while the integrated NR technology reduces power line noise.

The Omega QR-s is a slightly downsized version of the Omega QR. The smaller diameter tube, lighter weight, and greater flexibility make it ideal for use with source equipment.  The ideal application for the Omega QR-s would be DACs, CD players, preamplifiers, digital processors, integrated amplifiers, or other source equipment. The Omega QR-s can power these electronics directly to a wall outlet or through one of our power distributors like Everest or Denali.

For high power amplifiers, above 200 watt/ch, use the Omega QR.



Conductors: 08 gauge VTX-Ag

Connectors: CopperCONN™ Pure Copper

Patented Technologies:
QR/BB™ Patent Number: US 10,031,536
NIC™ Patent Number: US 8,658,892

Noise Reduction: > 12dB differential mode reduction

Length: 2.0 m
Weight: 1.1 kg (2.3 lbs)
Diameter: 41 mm
Diameter cable: 25.5 mm

Style C15, C15, C15, C15, C15, C19, C19, C19, C19, C19
Color Gray/Platinum, Black/Silver, Black/Gold, Red/Silver, Red/Gold, Gray/Platinum, Black/Silver, Black/Gold, Red/Silver, Red/Gold