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Esoteric VUK Phono Amp Board

MM/MC Phono Input Board Optional boards that allow the ESOTERIC preamplifers to accept MM/MC input. (compatible with the C-02X, C-02, C-03Xs, and C-03X)

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Optional boards that allow the ESOTERIC preamplifiers to accept MM/MC input.
(compatible with the C-02X, C-02, C-03Xs, and C-03X)

ESOTERIC "Master Sound Works" series line-stage preamp is now available with on-board MM/MC phono stage as an order option.

  • "Dual mono" construction provides excellent signal separation between left and right channels.
  • MC load impedance value is selectable between 20, 100, and 300Ω
  • Functions are easily accessible by using the remote controller.
  • 4-layer print circuit board achieves the shortest possible signal path.
  • The unique power regulator design minimizes unwanted sonic interference to the line stage.
  • Noise-free shielded internal wirings.

The version-up service is only available through ESOTERIC authorized dealers.
Please ask your local dealers for the details.


Spec description

Phono Input:

RCA_ 1 pair


MM- 52dB

MC- 72dB

Input sensitivity

MM- 5mV

MC- 0.5mV

S/N ratio

MM- 91dB

MC- 76dB

Input impedance

MM- 47k

MC- 20/100/300 (switchable)

Distance between L and R input terminals (RCA3)- 22.5cm


Supported models

Stereo Linestage Preamplifier- C-02X