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Audio Sensibility Signature Lumin A1/S1/U1 DC cable

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Signature Lumin cable for A1/S1/U1 DC-specialty power cable

The Signature OCC Silver Lumin A1/S1/U1 DC cable provides a huge upgrade in performance over the stock Lumin A1/S1/U1 DC cable. It is used for the following Lumin products being powered with the standard A1/S1/U1 power supply.

  • Lumin A1
  • Lumin S1
  • Lumin U1

At the heart of these cables is Ohno Continuous Cast (OCC) silver with a purity of 99.99998% (7N). OCC silver does not possess the brightness/glare often associated with conventional silver due to the elimination of crystal boundaries.

Cable Geometry: 3 twisted pairs of Teflon insulated solid core OCC silver wire:

  • one 20AWG twisted pair for the high current DC rail
  • two 22AWG twisted pairs for the low current DC rails
  • special carbon fiber spacers provide separation between twisted pairs to reduce noise floor.

Connectors: The following connectors are used for PSU and component side:

  • Standard Lumin 8pin connector for A1/S1/U1 power supply connection.
  • Standard Lumin 8 pin connector for A1/S1/U1 component connection.
  • Covering: The cable is finished with Techflex expandable sleeving.

Other Details: The wire and connectors have been cryogenically treated. Mundorf Silver-Gold Supreme Solder is used for all solder connections.

Weight (kg): 0.1
Cryogenically Treated: by Audio Sensibility
Units of Measure: single  0.5m length
Call Us for a specific length