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Block Audio Line & Power Block SE

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Battery-powered, Dual-Chassis & Dual-Mono Preamplifier


Taking rest, while the preamplifier is overtaking control of every detail needed, is the only thing you have to do.
The Line-Block is adding the desired level and settings to the signal while the electricity needed is conveyed by the Power-Block that runs on batteries and allows you to enjoy the ultimate sound quality for at least 15 hours. After that, the recharge mode is set automatically and the Power-Block works as an energy reservoir.

So you can stay hungry for the sound while your power amplifiers are being fed. Moreover, the Line-Block also guards the temperature of the Mono-Blocks through the communication channel.* And you? You can still continue on listening to your favorite records on and on.


  • Battery-powered, Dual-Chassis & Dual-Mono configuration
  • Both channels, supply units, and non-audio circuits are physically separated, shielded, and electrically isolated
  • Battery supply for audio circuits – each channel is powered by its own battery bank
  • At least 15 hours of battery operation and a smart automatic function will activate charging mode when the battery becomes empty, or the preamp is switched off
  • Short audio signals paths without any internal wiring
  • An overall symmetrical design
  • Separate grounds for left and right channel
  • Class-A operation, all discrete audio circuitry
  • DC signal coupling with Servo-Control
  • Symmetrical relay volume attenuator
  • 2 × 120 000 µF of power supply filter capacitance
  • Adjustable input sensitivity and channel balance
  • Full HT bypass function for all inputs
  • The output phase invert function
  • Two custom made low-noise and low-radiation toroidal transformers in decoupled and suspended mount cases
  • Own physically separated and electrically isolated power supply for non-audio circuits
  • Adjustable feet with integrated spikes
  • User-selectable Battery or AC Mains operation mode
  • Built-in Class-A headphone amplifier
  • User-selectable Auto Power Off mode
  • Auto brightness controlled graphical display and status LED
  • Infrared remote control
  • Built-in MC/MM Phono stage with remotely controlled settings
  • System rem. control for power amplifier*

*works only together with appropriate BLOCK AUDIO Power Amplifier


  • Special paint finish
  • Upgraded Input stage transistors
  • All metal Furutech RCA sockets for Phono input



Distortion: THD+N <0.0005 %, IMD <0.0007 % (at 6 Vrms out)
Frequency Response: DC – 300 kHz -0.5 dB, DC – 20 kHz -0.01 dB
Signal/Noise Ratio: >130 dB A-weighted, >128 dB unweighted (related to full output)
Channel Separation: Infinite (>130 dB)
Max. Voltage Gain: +12 dB balanced, +18 dB unbalanced
Input Impedance: 40 kΩ balanced, 20 kΩ unbalanced
Output Impedance: 50 Ω balanced, 25 Ω unbalanced
Maximum Output Voltage: 20 Vrms balanced, 10 Vrms unbalanced
Inputs: 4 balanced (XLR) pairs, 5 unbalanced (RCA) pairs
Phono Input: 1 unbalanced (RCA) pair
Outputs: 2 balanced (XLR) pairs, 2 unbalanced (RCA) pairs
Phones Output: 3 pole XLR receptacle and 6.35 mm / 1⁄4″ stereo jack
Battery Operation Time: >15 hours
System Remote Control: Yes*, Neutrik RJ45
Power Consumption: 150 W max. at charging, 50 W at idle, <0.5 W in Standby
Mains Voltage: 230 / 115 V AC ±10 %, 50 / 60 Hz (factory pre-configured)
Dimensions – Line: 460/18.1(w) × 105/4.1(h) × 360/14.2(d) mm/inch
Dimensions – Power: 460/18.1(w) × 105/4.1(h) × 360/14.2(d) mm/inch
Weight in total: 28 kg / 62 lbs., ~40 kg / 88 lbs. shipping
Color Red, Silver