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Suncoast Audio-Dealer showcase

Dealer Spotlight: Suncoast Audio

By Seth Snyder

In the audiophile community, it is becoming increasingly important for the most enthusiastic of us to act as spokespeople for the pursuit of great sound. Michael Bovaird has been preaching the good word from Florida since 2015. You can find this shop in Sarasota, Florida, where he and his team have both the gear and the expertise to impress even the most ardent audiophiles. 

When you schedule an appointment to visit Suncoast Audio, you will be treated to three different, spectacularly appointed listening rooms, designed to help you choose the best components for your own personal system. Michael and his team have access to countless prestigious brands for anyone to choose from. For speakers, Mike has chosen a wide variety of technologies and prices from well-known brands like Bowers and Wilkins and Focal, to beautiful and unique brands like Clarysis Audio and Avantgarde Acoustics. When it comes to electronics, you will find gear curated to blow you away. Looking for a new processor for your theater from Trinnov? Or a new Block Audio amplifier with enough Class-A power to drive cattle? Whether it be a streamer, processor, DAC, or amp, the team at Suncoast is ready and waiting to exceed expectations with the best brands at any price. And of course… they can furnish any system with the best of Nordost’s cable and power solutions! 

For the past four years, Suncoast Audio has been giving audio enthusiasts the opportunity to experience world-renowned gear at the annual Florida Audio Expo. Shows like these are where the audio community comes to listen to both brands they already know and love, as well as the newest emerging brands breaking into the industry. It’s so important for smaller companies to prove their merit among the giants of our industry in venues like these. For “industry insiders” like us, it’s where we come to meet old friends and share stories, favorite albums, and advice about the gear that we love. Michael not only seeks to meet the expectations of his Suncoast Audio customers, he pushes our industry forward with all the work he does outside his shop as a co-owner of shows like the Florida Audio Expo. 

If you find yourself in the Sarasota, Florida, make it a point to schedule an appointment with the team at Suncoast Audio: 

7353 International Place 

Unit 309 

Sarasota, FL 34240, USA 

Monday – Friday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM, EST 

Or visit them at the 4th annual Florida Audio Expo on February 16th-18th 2024 in Tampa, Florida. Visit their website to plan your trip!