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Why High-Quality Audio Cables Matter

There are audio cables that fit the entire range of users’ budgets from discount brands to expensive audiophile offerings. When it comes right down to it, does it matter what audio cables you buy? Of course it does.

Audio cables must serve two functions well to be useful to you. They must transfer the full range of sound to the speakers for proper sound reproduction and they must do a good job reducing interference from outside sources that create signal noise. When shopping for cables, here are some criteria they should meet for you to consider:

  • Good dielectric shielding for proper signal reproduction without noise
  • Precision strands to provide strength and durability
  • Pure oxygen-free copper for maximum signal transfer
  • Very low capacitance and very high bandwidth capability

Always make sure the cable covering is durable to withstand wear over time. There is no point in spending good money on cables only to have them chafe. Audio cables have a definite impact on the quality of your sound reproduction, so make sure you have enough cash for good cables in your budget when putting together your next system. 

Also, don’t get caught up in the myths that you need rare exotic metals or other materials to make good cables. High-quality materials with pure copper conductors and the right materials to prevent interference are the key to getting the right cables. Make sure the connectors are high quality with good markings to help you sort out the right channels for your speakers.

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