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Upgrade Your Home Audio While You’re Quarantined

Everyone is staying home this spring and many may be listening to their music catalog. Now is the perfect time to consider some audio upgrades from Suncoast Audio, then you can enjoy a whole new audio experience in your home.

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While looking at our website for your perfect audio equipment, you should also look at a few other things to maximize your audio pleasure. The room where you listen to music may or may not be perfect for audio quality, but there are a few things you can do to improve your listening pleasure.

Check Audio Streaming Settings

Most of us are using streaming services to listen to our music but may not have reviewed the settings for that service. Go to the settings for your favorite streaming service and make sure the audio streaming quality is set to the highest setting, keeping in mind the available bandwidth for your internet provider.

Choose the Right Location for Your Speakers

You can lose a lot of audio quality simply by having your speakers in the wrong location. Putting high-end speakers in the corners of a room will really mess up the bass response. The best location is on a long wall away from corners and windows. Also, the best sound occurs when the speakers and your ears form a triangle with equal lengths, known as an equilateral triangle. Therefore the distance from your head to each speaker and the distance between the speakers should be as close as possible to the same. Another way to maximize your audio quality is to place the tweeters at ear level because high-frequency sound sounds best when delivered in a straight line to your ears.

Furniture Placement Can Help

As mentioned above, corners aren’t good for bass. Square corners tend to cause bass sound deflections that aren’t favorable to them, as well as causing dead zones in the room. Put a big chair or a large plant in the corners of your room to help absorb reflected sounds. Also, most rooms are a bit too live for good quality audio, so sound-absorbing materials can help. Putting a bookshelf or other furniture with irregular shapes on the wall directly across from your speakers can also help reflect sound in more random directions which will improve the quality.

As always, Suncoast Audio is available to help answer your questions and choose the right audio equipment for your budget and environment. For more information call 941-932-0282 or