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The Return of Turntables

Technology tends to follow a predictable path that has been replicated time and again. A tech comes out, catches on and becomes popular before being replaced by newer tech a few years later. In these situations, the obsolete equipment and techniques surrounding it are tossed and forgotten as the world moves on.

avid turntables

However, there is a rare exception to this rule. Vinyl records, the first truly accessible and popular form of 'portable' music, have managed to hang on to life throughout the years. Now, as we approach the third decade of the 21st century, vinyl is making a resurgence few could have predicted.

Music lovers will tell you that vintage music never sounds right on modern platforms. State-of-the-art digital equipment and audio-mastered files can't compete with the raw scratchy sound of that needle as it bounds along a vinyl surface. Advancements in turntable technology, such as the limited edition Avid Acutus DARK, have made it possible to enjoy vinyl in ways our predecessors could never have dreamed of.

Traditional turntables, once viewed as antiques or the trappings of music elitists, are making a popular comeback with younger generations that are struggling to find their identity in a sea of digital reproductions. The Age of the Turntables may yet be upon us.