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Cables, Cables, Cables it's all about the cables that can make your music a greater experience, and we have a brand we love!!

 Nordost was founded in Boston, Massachusetts by Joe Reynolds in 1991.At it's inception then the company started by producing electrical wiring for airplanes and medical imaging devices. Eventually, it established itself as one of the premier high-end cable design and manufacturing companies. All the cables continue to be manufactured in Boston.


Nordost offers an extensive collection with a wide range of HiFi audio solutions. Their fine engineering innovated and introduced Dual/Micro-Mono Filament. This involves wrapping each conductor with a twisted pair of mono-filaments, which further reduces the surface area of dielectric that actually touches the conductor. NORDOST also innovated the TSC (Total Signal Control) technology, and the new HOLO: PLUG® Connectors

 Let's look into Norse 2 which is the second tier in Nordost’s line. If you are looking for a more affordable approach for new cables but don't want to lose that high-quality sound, we think Norse 2 is the way to go as they are hi-fi audio cables with a consistent, beautiful, big open sound.


The complete Norse 2 collection which includes Heimdall, Frey, and TYR will bring high-performance, energetic, and refined sound that shines through your room. Norse 2 cables are stylish, colorful, and wonderful to look at. This collection definitely fills your room with a remarkable experience.

 Nordost has continually pushed industry boundaries, striving to enhance audio technologies and Norse 2 is a great example of Nordost's high-quality performance.