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Degritter-A Five-Star Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine

Suncoast Audio is happy to say "No more vacuum record cleaning machines".

If you are one of us and have an extensive LP collection, you have probably looked into the quickest, and most efficient way to clean them.

Yes, there are other ultrasonic cleaners in the market, but our favorite has become the Degritter ultrasonic cleaning machine.


Even though this technology has been around for a while it was not being applied for record cleaning. Once the research began, machines started to come out. We do not believe anyone really nailed it until we tried the Degritter.

The Degritter is definitely a five-star ultrasonic cleaner. Once we cleaned a record with the Degritter, we heard a huge difference after it significantly decreased the surface noise.

It simply cleans better and avoids static electricity because there is no dry rubbing. Yeah, it even dries the record without any risk of damaging the vinyl!

So this is how it works, the Degritter ultra-sonic cleaner creates loads of microscopic bubbles inside the cleaning bath by a process called “cavitation”. Each of the bubbles themselves is essentially a tiny little vacuum created by the high-frequency pressure waves moving through the cleaning solution. Each of the bubbles is created and then it collapses in on itself (pops) which releases heat and teeny-tiny water jets which are essentially the things that get into the grooves and do the cleaning. It comes with three different programs. Quick, medium, and heavy.

Once it is nice and clean the fans in the Degritter will finish the job drying it to perfection. You will be able to configure and choose from the 20 different fan settings. This machine works incredibly, looks amazing, and is super easy to use.

There is nothing better than brighter and more compelling sound from your favorite music. So fill the water tank with distilled water, insert an LP, and hit start what are you waiting for?