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The Best High-End Audio System for Your Budget in 2023

At Suncoast Audio, we understand how daunting it is to find your perfect High-End Audio System; however, we are here to help! There are many different products on the market with unlimited set-up options and for different budgets. After careful consideration, our experts at Suncoast Audio have compiled a list of products with different set-ups that we consider to work great together this 2023.


The following products would be ideal for those with a budget of $25,000 for an entire system. 

  • Fyne 502 SP speakers- $6,625
  • Pass Labs INT amplifier- $7,600
  • Lumin T3 DAC- $4,990
  • IsoAcoustics Oera Bronze Isolation feet (4-pack)- $200
  • Cables- 
    • Shunyata Venom X speaker cables- $1,995
    • Shunyata Venom X XLR- $1,195
    • Shunyata Venom X EF power cables (2)- $1,600 ($800 each)
    • Shunyata Venom X Ethernet cable- $500

For a $25,000 budget, this system is a great entry system and will allow for a great listening experience with a limited commitment of money. This results in the system's total cost of $24,705, which is slightly under the budget of $25,000. 



We suggest the following products and set-up for those planning to spend around $50,000 on an entire system. 

  • Magico A5 speakers- $26,800 
  • Hegel H600 amplifier- $12,500
  • Aurender N200 digital output network transport- $6,500
  • Cables- 
    • Shunyata Venom X speaker cables- $1,995
    • Shunyata Venom X XLR- $1,195
    • Shunyata Venom X EF power cables (2)- $1,600 ($800 each)
    • Shunyata Venom X Ethernet cable- $500

The total cost of this system comes out to $51,090, which is only slightly above the budget of the 50k. While many may see the price as over budget, the extra money spent will allow for a better listening experience.

                                      Magico A5 suncoast audio       

If you are thinking of spending a bit more and have a budget of $75,000, the products and set-up we tried and suggested are the following:

  • Clarisys Minuet speakers- $46,000
  • VAC i170Q SE tube amplifier- $15,000
  • Lumin T3 DAC- $4,990
  • IsoAcoustics Oera Bronze Isolation feet (4-pack)- $200
  • IsoAcoustics Oera Bordeaux Isolation feet (4-pack)- $320
  • AudioQuest Power Quest 505 NA power conditioner- $700
  • Cables- 
    • AudioQuest Robinhood Zero- $1,995
    • AudioQuest Pegasus XLR- $1,995
    • AudioQuest Hurricane Source- $1,495
    • AudioQuest Hurricane High Current- $1,900

The overall cost of this system is $74,595, which is slightly under budget and works amazingly.



For those with a budget of $100,000, the best high-end audio system includes the products below. 

  • Kharma dB-9 Signature- $50,000
  • Pass Labs INT 250 amplifier- $12,600
  • MSB discrete DAC with dual power supplies and a Roon Renderer Module- $15,750
  • IsoAcoustics Oera Bordeaux Isolation feet (4-pack)- $320
  • IsoAcoustics Oera Bronze Isolation feet (8 feet or 2 packs)- $400 ($200 per pack)
  • Roon Nucleus- $1,459
  • AudioQuest Niagara 300 Alternating Current (AC) power conditioner- $3900
  • Cables- 
    • Nordost Frey 2 speaker cables- $3877.49
    • Nordost Frey 2 Interconnect- $1925
    • Nordost Frey 2 power cables (3)- $7,845 ($2,615 each)
    • AudioQuest Hurricane High Current- $1,900

The total cost of this gorgeous set-up is $99,976.49, just below the budget of $100,000. With a higher budget of $100,000, these products allow for an exquisite high-end audio system and a delightful listening experience every single time. 


For a million-dollar dream system, many different items fit perfectly to create the ultimate set-up. This system is for those who are focused on having the highest quality and the best high-end audio equipment in the market that will last years to come. This setup doesn’t require products to be changed out frequently, and it is sure to indulge and please all and any audiophile needs. Let this High-End Audio dream setup become a reality in your listening room. 

  • Clarisys Audio Auditoriums in the blackout edition- $146,000
  • VAC Master 300 amplifier (2)- $168,000 ($84,000 each)
  • VAC Statement Linestage preamplifier- $85,000
  • MSB Select 2 DAC with pro-USB- $117,000
  • MSB Digital Director- $27,500
  • Aurendor N30 SA digital output network transport- $25,000
  • VAC Statement Phono Stage- $80,000
  • Kuzma Stabi R with a 4-point 11-inch tonearm- $25,000 estimated (due to different features)
  • My Sonic Labs Signature Platinum Cartridge- $10,995
  • Cables- 
    • Shunyata Omega speaker cables- $25,000
    • Shunyata Omega XLR (2)- $19,000 ($9,500 each)
    • Shunyata 4 meter XLR Omega cables (2)- $28,480 ($14,240 each)
    • Shunyata Omega Ethernet- $3,000
    • Shunyata Omega QR power cables (5)- $45,000 ($9,000 each)
    • Shunyata Everist 8000- $9,900
    • Shunyata Omega XC power cable (4)- $35,000 ($7,000 each)
    • Shunyata Omega USB cable- $3,500
    • Shunyata Omega jumper cables (2 sets)- $4,000 ($2,000 per set)
  • Critical Mass Maxxum racks and amplifier stands- $75,000
  • Critical Mass 1.5 sm Stage footers (12 sets of 4)- $38,160 ($3,180 each)
  • Degritter M2K record cleaning machine- $3,300
  • Nordas Qnet Network Switch- $3,200
  • Nordas Qsource Linear Power supply- $2,750

Suncoast Audio Clarisys Auditorium in blackClarisys Auditorium Suncoast Audio

The total of the dream million-dollar dream system is around $979,785, which is under the million-dollar price and makes for a splendid out-of-this-world listening experience. This is the perfect system for the ultimate audiophile listening room. This system makes those in the sweet spot feel like the music is being created with the musicians right in front of them. It's like a private concert is being played right in front of you!


After considering many different views, these were the best overall fit; however, elements may be switched out to make it a more engaging experience for the listener. These high-end audio system set-ups above are what we have considered best for different budgets. Suncoast Audio’s specialists can tailor to each person's listening expectations and assess their budget to simplify these challenging choices. Contact us by phone at (941) 259-6000, by email at, or by messaging us on our website at, and we will be happy to schedule an appointment for you to come and hear the perfect system for your budget.