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The Best Bowers & Wilkins Speakers For 2020

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has been making audiophile-quality speakers in England since 1966. Since that time they have created an amazing line of speakers from budget to premium in price, but all having the exceptional audio quality and finish you expect from them. Let’s review a selection of the speakers Bowers & Wilkins are offering today that are available from Suncoast Audio.

bowers and wilkins speakers

Bookshelf or Stand-Mount

Two great choices for a bookshelf or stand-mounted B&W speakers are the 606 or 607. Both are extremely capable of reproducing a wide range of audio entertainment, but the 607 is slightly smaller with a lower price point. Both have switched from the previous Kevlar cone in the mid/bass driver to a new proprietary material named Continuum that results in a cleaner and crisper sound. The larger cabinet of the 606 offers a slightly richer sound that may attract some people, but overall these two choices are equally able to make your mouth water.


Our first selection is the amazing B&W Formation Wedge. Why pay more for wireless speakers? One reason is that the Formation Wedge is an integral part of B&W’s Formation series that makes them perfectly compatible with multi-room sound designs using their proprietary wireless mesh system. They also offer a huge choice of connectivity options including Bluetooth v4.1 aptX HD, Spotify Connect, Roon Ready, or Apple AirPlay2. Ethernet and USB connections are also available. 

Another choice at a higher price point is the Formation Duo series. They offer a unique design for those looking for a different aesthetic, amazing sound reproduction including a lot of available power when needed but also the ability to work well at lower sound levels. They have the same connectivity options as the Formation Wedge and will work perfectly in combination with them. If you need a wireless stand-mounted speaker, the Formation Duo is it.


 For a slimmer design, we offer the B&W 704 S2. With 150W max power available, there is no reason not to turn them up. The 704 S2 combines the new Continuum cone design with improved damping provided by a specially designed foam ring that reduces resonance from the speaker. Why is this good? Because good dampening technology reduces unwanted distortion for a cleaner sound. Three different finishes are available to suit your room.

A slightly larger option is the B&W 603, which is the first in the 600 series to have magnetic front grilles. The 603 offers impressive sound with a max power of 200W, and rear ports that offer a more spacious sound as long as you don’t place them too close to the wall. Available in white or black, the 603 will give you years of superb sound reproduction.

We are here to help

Suncoast Audio in Sarasota FL offers a wide range of B&W speakers, other audiophile systems and accessories, and other components such as headphones and racks. For more information on our Bowers & Wilkins line or any of our fine products please call 941-932-0282 or email