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Take a Look at the Aurender W20 at Suncoast Audio

Suncoast proudly offers the Aurender W20 music server for our audiophile clients. For those who are not familiar with the Aurender server, this product is specifically designed to replace a PC or laptop to store your digital music files. What sets Aurender apart from other music server manufacturers is that they do very well what others attempt to do — to create a digital music source that passes digital binary signals to your audio system in complete isolation from the environment around it. That includes both ambient and electronic signals that can corrupt digital signals with unwanted noise.

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The Aurender W20 uses a unique power supply to help accomplish this task. The system contains three banks of lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries that provide a rotating power supply to the system to create isolation from the AC-DC power supply and prevent the distortion and ground noise that the power supply can create. The batteries are constantly rotating for power supply to provide clean DC while other batteries are recharging. The batteries also act as a UPS; in the event, there is a power interruption the system will perform a soft shutdown. The entire unit is RFI shielded with separate compartments for the major parts of the system. It is also heavy, weighing in excess of 40 pounds to provide a stable system.

Other features of the Aurender W20 include a field-programmable gate array phase-locked loop system, two 12TB hard drives, and a 240GB solid-state cache drive all suspended on floating brackets to minimize vibrations, and an oven-controlled crystal oscillator to reduce long-term jitter to “below negligible levels” per the manufacturer. Further noise is reduced by keeping songs cached on the solid-state drive — the hard drives only run when needed to retrieve a new song.

The result of all this is a music server that acts like a black hole for noise and vibration. It is amazingly quiet and produces a music source that is virtually free of noise and distortion. All of the W20’s functions are accessible using the Aurender dedicated “Conductor” app. For more information on the amazing Aurender W20 contact us at Suncoast Audio by phone 941-932-0282 or