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Furutech NCF Clear Line Power Supply Optimizer

Furutech has released its new NCF Clear Line Power Supply Optimizers, and here at Suncoast Audio we noticed the difference immediately. NCF stands for Nano Crystal Formula, and what this amazing crystalline product does is create negative ions to eliminate static and converts thermal energy to far-infrared. 

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Furutech has combined this crystalline material with carbon powder and nano-scale ceramics to create their Power Supply Optimizer. This device fits in the palm of your hand but will instantly create a clearer power signal coming to your system. You only have to plug the NCF Clear Line into any empty receptacle on your wall or power distributor. 

You will immediately notice an improved depth to your system’s sound, with better harmonics and an improved low end with a greater feeling of definition. Remove the NCF Clear Line if you want to compare before and after, but we think you will never unplug it again after hearing the difference! Your home theater system can also benefit from Furutech’s NCF Clear Line Power Optimizer. You will see less video distortion with a clearer picture that is easier on your eyes. 


Come to Suncoast Audio to get your NCF Clear Line Optimizer and enjoy:

  • Better video with less distortion and greater depth
  • Enhanced audio with better resolution and three-dimensional performance quality
  • Superior dampening from its carbon-fiber shell
  • All conductors coated in rhodium and treated with Furutech’s Alpha Process

For more information on Furutech’s NCF Clear Line Optimizer or any of our fine audiophile products please call Suncoast Audio at 941-932-0282.