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Wireworld Starlight 8 Coaxial Digital Audio Cable

The ultimate DNA Helix 75-ohm digital cable with patented carbon fiber plugs and the finest conductor available, OCC®-7N Solid Silver, Platinum Starlight elevates the art of digital audio reproduction with truly authentic tone quality, enhanced musical expression and holographic imaging. Available in RCA to RCA termination, as well as RCA to BNC, BNC to BNC and BNC to RCA.

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A smaller version of the ultimate DNA HELIX design used in Wireworld’s reference digital cables, the Wireworld Starlight 8 coaxial audio cable preserves delicate musical details, image focus and dynamic expression that is lost by conventional coaxial digital cables. It also reduces listener fatigue by replacing digital ‘glare’ with the natural tone qualities of instruments and voices.

Starlight 8 is the only digital audio cable to offer leading-edge technology, materials and performance in the price range of conventional coaxial digital audio cables. The patented DNA HELIX design and COMPOSILEX 3 insulation provide clear improvements in musical detail and dynamic expression.



  • DNA Helix Design
  • Silver-Clad Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) Conductor
  • Composilex 3 - Third generation composite insulation


Design: Tri DNA HELIX®
Signal Conductors: 3 (16 strand groups)  |  26AWG
Conductor Material: Silver-clad OFC
Insulation: COMPOSILEX® 3
Contacts: Silver-clad OFC
Connectors: RCA, BNC
Cable Length 0.5 M, 1.0 M, 1.5 M, 2.0 M, 3.0 M, 6.0 M