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VPI Signature 21

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The Signature 21 also has changed with the upgraded HW-40 feet and the more substantial change, the Gimbal Fatboy tonearm as standard for the Signature.  The modifications have taken an already powerhouse table and kicked up to another level in performance.

Luxury meets performance all in one package. A tasteful combination of aluminum, stainless steel, and 3D-printed technology. Over 40 years of refinement all leading up to this turntable.


  • Prime Signature
  • "Metallic" Black Gloss Finish
  • Fatboy Gimbal Tonearm​
  • Interchangeable Tonearms
  • Machined Aluminum Platter​​
  • 300 RPM Outbound Motor
  • Improved Isolation Feet
  • Signature Center Weight
  • VTA (Vertical Tracking Adjustment) on the Fly
  • Made in the USA

Technical Specifications

Chassis Composition: Vinyl Wrapped MDF, Aluminum and Stainless Steel
Platter Type & Size: 12" Aluminum, 20 lbs

Tonearm Included: Fatboy Gimble 
Motor RPM: 300 RPM
Motor Pulley Accuracy: +/- .0005"
Wow and Flutter: .08 %
Speed Accuracy: .08 %
Rumble: 82db Down
Footprint: 19 
½" x 13½"
Overall Size: 
21 ⅜" x 15 ¾" x 11"
Total Weight: 66 lbs

  • ​Periphery Ring Clamp - Improves record warp reduction and the shelf life of your cartridge.
  • Analog Drive System (ADS) - Improves accuracy and speed adjustment.​​