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Stein Music Stateline Amp 2

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Exceptional sound from a small case with highly comfortable features. Powered by sophisticated power-management and integrated non-oversampling DAC, this amplifier, with its superior 2x 20W sine-wave power, is capable of putting a host of top-dog amplifiers in the limelight with its sheer intensity and expressiveness. Inputs: 5x Line-in RCA, SPDIF-RCA, USB-A Stateline Amp 2 Signature Based on the Stateline Amp 2, this version has been further refined as a signature version. The performance and circuit data remain identical, the construction is supplemented with extra OsCon capacitors and E-Pads and important assemblies additionally treated with Maestro paint. The acoustic result once again draws much finer, freer, more natural and more vivid.


  • 5x Line-in
  • RCA
  • USB-A



  • Width 458mm
  • Height 75mm
  • Depth 300mm