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Shunyata Research Omega XC

True to the form of an industry legend, Shunyata Research has combined its finest patented technologies and fully customized parts into one iconic power cord design. The Omega QR & XC are a true design reference, evolving from science that has Shunyata Research products in high demand within the world’s most recognized mastering labs, recording studios and medical imaging systems. All Omega QR & XC cables come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Each Omega QR / XC is supplied with DF-SS Cable Elevators. See the specifications section below for more details. Standard length of Omega QR is 2 meters. Standard length of Omega XC is 1.75 meters.

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Shunyata Research’s Caelin Gabriel was given a challenge.  Create a power cord for Shunyata Research power conditioners that allows the conditioner to achieve its absolute maximum performance.  Remove any constraints regarding construction time and difficulty and ignore cost limitations to produce the ultimate power cord.

The Omega XC is the result of that research project that spanned more than 3 years, involving hundreds of tests, designs, and construction solutions.  The Omega XC features Shunyata Research’s incredible VTX-Ag conductors in a mind-bending 4 gauge size.

The Omega XC represents the ultimate power cord by which all other power products must be judged in terms of verifiable science and performance.

The Omega XC is a barometer of what is possible when the innovation and resources of one great company’s science and materials technologies are brought to bear, with a singular goal of absolute superiority.

The Omega XC is the ultimate performance cable for Shunyata Research power conditioners. Its massive 4 gauge VTX-Ag conductors are the largest conductors used in a power cord in Shunyata Research’s 20-year history.



Conductors: 04 gauge VTX-Ag

Connectors: CopperCONN™ Pure Copper

Noise Reduction: N/A

Length: 1.75m
Weight: 1.1 kg (2.5 lbs)
Diameter: 41mm
Diameter cable: 32.8mm


Connector C15, C19
Cable Length 2.0 M, 2.0 M