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Nordost Odin 2 Tonearm Cable

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Nordost’s Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + is the perfect solution for audiophiles who want the absolute best from their high-resolution, vinyl-sourced systems. Nordost’s Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + consists of four, silver-plated, solid core 99.999999% OFC conductors, wrapped in a patented Dual Mono-Filament suspension. This innovative and proprietary design element dramatically increases signal speed and reduces insulation contact by 85%. The conductors are individually shielded using Nordost’s unique Total Signal Control (TSC) technology, allowing for 100% coverage and protection from external pollution (such as RFI and EFI) and crosstalk. 

In order to combat noise, Nordost’s O2 Tonearm Cable + takes a two-prong approach. Firstly, Nordost’s Supreme Reference tonearm cable runs a fully isolated bond ground throughout the cable, which connects the chassis of the turntable and phono-stage, creating a secure, low noise connection between the two components. The second method is a versatile solution, ensuring that Nordost’s tonearm cable will be able to address any grounding need, regardless of the unique construction of the components in the sound system. Each Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + will include two, detachable, silver-plated ground whips, complete with Dual Mono-Filament technology and TSC shielding. When needed, these ground whips connect to the shielding of the tonearm cable, totally eliminating any noise that could be introduced during signal transfer.

The Odin 2 Tonearm Cable + is measured to precise mechanically tuned lengths and is terminated with Nordost’s proprietary HOLO: PLUG® Straight or 90º low-mass 5-pin Din, RCA, or XLR connectors, which have been specifically designed to accommodate the cable’s unique design. Nordost’s Supreme Reference-level tonearm cable eliminates noise and provides the low levels of capacitance needed to maintain the integrity of such fragile signals, ensuring a truly sublime vinyl listening experience.


• Fully manufactured and terminated in the USA

• High purity 1.11 extruded Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP)


• Mechanically tuned lay and lengths

• 4 x 23 AWG Silver plated 99.999999%, OFC Solid Core

Conductors. Dual Mono-Filament design.

• 23 AWG silver-plated, Solid Core OFC, Dual Mono-Filament

bond wire and detachable ground whips

• 9.75pF/ft (RCA) or 23.5pF/ft (XLR) Capacitance

• 0.11μH/ft (RCA) or 0.0611μH/ft (XLR) Inductance

• Velocity of Propagation: 90%

• Overall Shield Coverage: 100%

• Tonearm cables are available with straight HOLO: PLUG®

DIN, HOLO: PLUG® RCA, or HOLO: PLUG® XLR connectors.

Standard model numbers reflect a straight HOLO: PLUG® DIN


  • Add $100.00 for 90° HOLO: PLUG® DIN

connector – Must specify pin orientation (A, B, C, or D).

  •  Add $4,000.00 for additional 1 meter