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Nordost LeifStyle 2 Flat Speaker Cable

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Nordost entered the hifi audio market with its groundbreaking flat speaker cable design. 2 Flat was one of the first cables to use the FEP extrusion technique that not only revolutionized the look, but the performance of speaker cables.

The geometrical and mechanical stability of this cable, comprised of two rectangular, solid core OFC conductors, ensures the low inductance and capacitance necessary to create truly state-of-the-art cables. The excellent sound quality and low signal loss of 2 Flat make it ideal for both hifi and home theater applications, where long runs for surround channel speakers are required to be discrete, yet offer high performance. Additionally, 2 Flat Speaker Cables’ extreme durability and thin construction (thinner than a credit card!) makes it the perfect choice for under-carpet installation. In fact, not only can 2 Flat be installed under-carpet, but it can be pushed under baseboards, cut into walls and then seamlessly spackled over and even buried underground without incurring any sound degradation.

• Comes as a PAIR of cables

• Made in the USA

• Extruded FEP Insulation

• 2 x 18 AWG Flat Rectangular Conductors

• 99.9999% OFC

• 7.0pF/ft capacitance

• 0.17μH/ft inductance

• Propagation Delay: 90% speed of light

• Banana or Spade (6.5mm) termination


Add $12.00 ea. for Large Spades (8.5mm)

Add $12.00 ea. for Small Spades (5mm)

Add $55.00 per additional 1-meter pair

Size 2FL2M, 2FL2.5M, 2FL3M, 2FL4M, 2FL5M